What Makes A Good Dissertation Proposal: 5 Simple Tips

In many universities, a student should submit a dissertation proposal before presenting their actual paper. A proposal is a rather short document that consists of 500-1000 words and gives the idea of what your paper will be about. If you want to create a good proposal that will satisfy your professor, you should follow several simple tips by thesis experts.

What to Include in Your Proposal

  1. Write what your paper will be about.
  2. You should present your topic right away. List your overall objectives and explain the reasons to research this particular topic. You may briefly write about the history of a topic to provide the reader with the needed context.

  3. List the questions that you’re going to answer.
  4. The reader should know what to expect from the “Results” chapter of your dissertation. Make sure to compose each question carefully so that there is no ambiguity in your words.

  5. Make references to the theoretical background.
  6. You should briefly list the main schools of thought related to your topic. Write about the key researchers and their works that had the largest impact on the development of the chosen topic.

  7. Describe your methodology.
  8. List the methods that you’re going to use to achieve your goals. Your methodology might be empirical or non-empirical. Don’t include too many details because you’ll have a separate chapter for this in your actual dissertation.

  9. Consider potential outcomes of your study.
  10. Write about what you expect from your paper. You shouldn’t try to guess the exact results, however. If you can do this, there is no sense to do research on your topic. List those who will benefit from the data that you’ll discover.

What to Add to Your Proposal

You may provide your professor with the list of sources that you’re going to use in your study. Your professor will be also impressed if you provide them with a plan of how you’re going to manage your time to complete this academic assignment.

Sources to Ask for Help

If you don’t have enough skills to plan your dissertation, you may hire a professional tutor who will assist you during each step of your work.

Some students don’t have time to do thorough research and compose excellent papers on their own. In such a situation, you may contact an academic writing service and buy a custom-written paper. Keep in mind, that you should include as many details in your order as possible to receive a paper that will meet all your requirements and expectations.

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