Revising your dissertation: advice from leading editors

Writing a dissertation paper is one thing and revising the same is another thing altogether. However, what is of remarkable significance is that both writing and revising are part of literary composition process. Notably, every stage counts in writing and this means that for a student to get good grades, he or she must take editing seriously. One way to go about this is to seek editing tips from those who have since qualified as leading editors in the writing enterprise. This can however be a little tricky given that there are thousands of such people making it confusing to settle on a particular person whose advice you can trust. For experienced writers, it is not as tricky as when compared to what beginners go through even as the search for someone who can help transform the editing nightmares into something productive.

Agreeably, editing an academic paper such as a dissertation is always a painstaking process and it is something you must partake on if you want to rid your paper of not just gross mistakes but also silly ones. You can be a good writer who has all the creativity but the moment you fail to proofread and edit your paper, it becomes the beginning of your failure. In view of these, it is therefore imperative to factor in what top editors have to say. I have sampled some of their best tips below to get you started;

Spell-check programs

It can be very exhaustive to read through an entire project paper and be able to identify all spelling mistakes. This is why leading editors today advise the use of spell-check programs. Run your paper through a top program and ensure it is set to the English language you have used, say UK or U.S.

Write fast, edit slow

Well, editing shouldn’t be something to rush through because it may beget worst case scenarios such as making even more grave mistakes. It is strongly advised that you do it slowly after writing your paper fast. Note that you cannot edit a whole project paper in a day.

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