The Best Way To Write A Strong Dissertation Proposal On Football

In the last year of college, you will have to write your dissertation and present it in front of all your professors. Don't hesitate to get coursework help if you are overwhelmed with the task. This is not just a normal project; you have to prove that everything you studied until this time is useful. Before you can start working on the actual project, you have to write a proposal and show it to your teachers. How can you make a strong one and convince them to accept your ideas?

  • Discuss how important football is. Some people might think that this is just a game, and it’s not worth talking about it in an academic paper. However, you have to find ways to prove to them that this game can make people united and help countries get to know each other. For example, you can mention matches between countries that had wars in the past; when they are on the field, the players forget about any political or economic problem.
  • Why did you choose this topic? Although you should not focus on this aspect alone, it is very important to mention why did you choose this theme. You need to find very good arguments, like the fact that your friends met through football and now they are a united group.
  • What is the purpose of your dissertation? You need to have a final goal, a thing that is worth fighting for. In this case, you can say that you want to encourage teenagers to practice sports and to try to discover their own talents. Teachers love those projects that help other students, so they will accept your proposal.
  • Prove your knowledge. It is not enough to watch a few matches on TV. you have to talk about the most important players of the world, the most important football events, and so on.
  • Cultural differences. If you ask people in America and Europe what is football, they will give you two different answers. This game is perceived different in different cultures, and this is what makes it so unique.
  • How can football bring people together? On a stadium you see men, women, children and old people; all of them are there to support their team. If you can also bring some pictures that represent this idea, already your teachers will agree to allow you to write on this topic.

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